Addiction Treatment – The Path To Take

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Treatment for any kind of addiction, whether drugs or alcohol, is a fairly long process that needs to be addressed in the most sensitive way possible. This requires the support of not just the family members of the affected person, but also the support center whose services are being used for this purpose. The rehabilitation centers draft a very well laid out schedule to ensure that the problem of drug abuse can be gotten rid of systematically and the transition can be made smoothly. The rehab centers in southern California advice should be kept in mind while dealing with such cases in order to avoid any kind of mistakes or wrong decisions.

The support groups follow a specific course of treatment, intended for the full benefit of the affected person, at the same time providing utmost care. Here are some steps that help them achieve that:


The first step for all kinds of rehabilitation from drug abuse is to ensure that the patient actually realizes its importance in his/ her lives. In some cases, this kind of treatment begins with the intervention of the family, but it is much more helpful, if the patent is willing to contribute and give him to the process without any objections.


Most cases of drug abuse originate as a result of peer pressure wherein a group of already addicted patients prompt others to join them and as a result, fall prey to this curse as well. Hence, the centers as well as the family of the affected, in this case, should ensure that any kind of contact with the old peer groups can be avoided and the source of the drugs that the patient can get supplied from is cut off. This is a very important step because as long as the cause is present, the treatment process cannot become focused and effective.


At a rehabilitation center, the patient will get the best possible medical facilities, with the presence of experienced doctors as well as nurses. Thus, the response of the body to the drugs can be accurately measured and the negative or adverse effects can be taken care of immediately. Also, since the transition process is not an easy one, the doctors ensure that the patients are not cut off from drugs altogether, but the dosage is decreased step by step according to how the body functions. This, in addition to the help from nurses forms a wholesome treatment option for the affected person.


More often than not, the process of de-addiction can cause severe mental and emotional stress to the patient. Hence, the therapists at the centers ensure that the adverse mental effects can be taken care of and the patient can be made to feel as relaxed and as free from worries as possible. The main aim of the treatment is to get the person back to a life of normalcy and the therapists help to achieve just that as much as possible.


Apart from the de-addiction process, it is to be ensured that the affected person’s cognitive abilities and brain function can be restored in the best possible way so that the patient can go back and lead his life in the same way as before the drug abuse began. Thus, meditation and a number of other such therapies are in place to make the surroundings as relaxed as possible for the person. Sometimes, this is also done in the form of group therapies so as to give the patient a sense of not being alone in the process.

Thus, a set of systematic and organized steps followed while taking the patient’s feedback into consideration is the best possible way to ensure that the person can lead a normal life once again.

The Benefits Of Kaqun Water Therapy

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Kaqun water is not the typical mineral water. In fact, it has low mineral content, and is non-carbonated. It is water with high chemically bound oxygen content that has been subjected to over ten years of medical research by many volunteers. This can be used for drinking and bath therapies in order to eliminate the negative effects of oxygen deficiency in the body.

What does the Kaqun water therapy do?

Oxygen also exists as liquid, and this can be consumed in order to penetrate and supply the different tissues inside the body through the mucous membranes in the gastrointestinal tract. Because of the speed at which it can replenish oxygen at the cellular level, Kaqun water can easily reduce both mental and physical stresses.

By engaging in Kaqun drinking and Kaqun bath therapy, a patient can experience strengthening of the immune system, and recovery of the body from some illnesses. The healing of wounds can be facilitated through improvement of micro-circulation. Cellular level metabolism may also be positively affected.

Since Kaqun water has a high oxygen level, the therapy can also reduce hypoxia or oxygen deficiency in the body. Moreover, the Kaqun water therapy may also boost the effect of other treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapies, and even mitigate some of their negative effects.

Who can undergo the Kaqun water therapy?

Kaqun water therapy can be helpful for people who are suffering from rheumatic, dermatological and respiratory system abnormalities that involve tissue damage due to the lack of oxygen. It can also be helpful for patients with tumors. It can promote faster recovery for patients who have already undergone surgery. These patients usually need more oxygen for the recovery. Also, patients who are experiencing respiratory chronic disease, in which the lung is not capable taking sufficient oxygen into the body, Kaqun water can help.

Aside from those who have illnesses, healthy people who are experiencing a lot of stress can undergo the therapy. Those who are doing a lot of mental work can also feel the benefits of Kaqun water drinking or bath therapy

How much Kaqun water should be consumed daily?

The regular consumption of Kaqun water can enhance cell regeneration, energize and detoxify the body by increasing the capacity of the blood to transport oxygen. Depending on the reason why you are drinking Kaqun water, the recommended amount varies.

For those who are already healthy but want to preserve their health, 0.50 liter daily is enough. For those suffering with chronic illnesses, 0.75 to 1.00 liter is recommended. For those with weak immune systems, 1.00 to 1.50 liter can be consumed. For those who regularly engage in sports and athletic trainings, 1.50 to 2.00 liters can help.

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